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  • Simon Pearce
    commented 2016-07-28 10:52:28 +0100
    Hi Dafydd

    I have lived on New Road Haverfordwest for nearly 5 years which is a lovely area to live apart from the traffic speed issues. New Road is a narrow road with a 30mph speed limit and has lots of young families living along it. Unfortunately local farms in the Uzmaston area use Uzmaston Road and New Road as a shortcut and appear to pay no notice to the speed limit. Yesterday 28/07/16 we had multiple tractors pounding up and down the road in both directions from midday to 2am in the morning. This activity is bad enough due to the levels of noise however the greater concern is the size of the vehicles and the speed they travel. If a child was to run out into the road with one of these travelling in excess of 40mph which they often do then they’d be killed instantly.

    I have spoken to my neighbors up and down the road and they are all appalled by the way the road is used especially by the farm vehicles. According to various people the drivers are contract staff and therefore have it in there interest to do the work as fast as possible which is why they are travelling as fast as they are. Over the past few years I have contacted my local Councillor (numerous times) who is aware of the situation, the police (numerous times & never seem interested) and also Pembrokeshire County Council however no one has done anything. I can only assume public safety is not very high on peoples agenda anymore. Therefore I thought I would raise this with yourself before taking it up with Stephen Crabb.

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